About Me

First thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "duct tape", what would it be?

Who would've thought that duct tape REALLY DOES have many uses.

Ever think of adding a colorful new look to that pen you use daily? How about a unique and custom made wallet, clutch, or purse to satisfy your likes and represent you? or a pair of earrings? maybe a key chain? and what about a little something for the little munchkins? like a pacifier clip holder, or a DURABLE bib? and.... well... you get the idea.

It hasn't been that long that my eyes caught the amazing new art of expression and making duct tape into life's daily uses and adding brighter and colorful products. When I discovered this Art I thought "No! Really? That is really awesome!" and then the images of ideas started developing in my head more and more. The more ideas that came to mind, the more excited I became to be and the more I put my hands to work.

As I did my first attempt, one after the other, more of my creativity surrounded my table with products that I discovered. Focusing deeper into this wondrous talent that I built up to have, my hard work became known to all my family and friends. Their excitement and support towards me was the same reaction I had from the begining. Alrady it was convincing to think to myself "Business Cards? I think so!" So now, here I am, yet again making an attempt to my next step... YOU! Giving you the opportunity to flaunt this chic new look A la Mode. Come and share this journey with me as we bring more color to life...